About us

Our mission is innovative development and construction of functional fittings.

With more than 30 years of experience and the constant striving for technical perfection, confer has meanwhile developed from its original beginnings as a small design office into an international provider of high-quality functional elements. Confer's core competence is the development and delivery of functional fittings for the upholstered furniture industry at home and abroad.

We are driven by the creation of market-driven innovations that meet the highest technical demands due to the extraordinary professional competence of our developers and designers and also ensure the feasibility of diverse demands by designers.

Our exclusive contract manufacturing facilities are located in Germany, Poland, Italy and China. Thanks to our integration into the Chinese Lion Rock Group, we can offer attractive delivery prices. Quality and process reliability in all production facilities are always monitored and guaranteed with confer know-how.

After our move in February 2023, we more than doubled the showroom, test laboratory, office and storage rooms at our headquarters in Herford. You are very welcome there!

Make an appointment with us, in which we would be happy to discuss and work out customized solutions tailored to your requirements.

We are looking forward to your contact!