BA 13 Pose

BA 13 S Pose

Sofa leg rest BA 13/BA 13 S Pose

Installable, motorized leg rest for stationary sofas with fl oor clearance


  • Parking position hidden under the sofa seat
  • Activation of the retract and extend function by a single linear drive for mains or battery operation
  • Triggered by built-in button
  • Can also be retrofi tted, easy installation

Special features of the S-Variant

  • Suitable for sofas with a low seat depth
  • Additional leg rest extension when extending

Additional leg rest extension when extending

Dimensions Art.-No
Leg rest for large seat depths 766 x 400 mmBA 13-040015
Leg rest S - for low seat depths 600 x 400 mmBA 13-140015


  • Sheet steel, powder-coated / primed black
  • Pivots wear-free
  • Footplate for upholstery