Sofa leg rest BA 10 – one arm

This Confer leg rest is a further development of the very successful Confer leg rest BA 10-500. It follows the suggestions of designers to reduce the visible parts. This was done with the single arm technique. The ground clearance of the sofa or armchair required for the function has been reduced from 140 mm to 120 mm.

Standard design
174/785black fine structure Art.-No BA 10-001031
Premium version (particularly smooth-running and precise)
284/785black fine structure Art.-No BA 10-001531


  • Ergonomically inclined leg rest for fatigue-free sitting
  • Gas spring-supported one-arm guide with an elegant design
  • Triggering the function manually
  • Very quiet, pleasant sequence of movements
  • Spacers to avoid marks on the leg rest surface
  • Visually completely retractable


  • Available in 3 standard seat depths regardless of width
  • Version for individual seat depth, dimensions on request
  • Visible part also powder-coated in RAL colours


  • Mounting independent of seat width
  • Very simple, installation within minutes
  • Maintenance-free movement elements
  • Steel parts powder coated „black structure“


  • Can also be integrated into existing armchairs and sofas