Our delivery program offers the appropriate variant of center parts, which can be selected in terms of their characteristics and dimensions to match the design of the seating furniture. With our experience, we are happy to assist you and your designers in the selection. The center parts supplied by us are subjected to long-term tests with regard to their durability and stability and are tailored to the range of bases we can supply

DF 70 standard base holder aluminium black

 H1 H2 
Rotary guide bushing146/95Art-No. DF 70-000095
Rotary guide bushing176/125Art-No. DF 70-000125
Rotary guide bushing206/155Art-No. DF 70-000155

DF 70 standard base holder aluminium

Rotary guide bushing146/95Art-No. DF 70-001095
Rotary guide bushing176/125Art-No. DF 70-001125
Rotary guide bushing206/155Art-No. DF 70-001155

Aluminium DF 70 base holder with anti-rotation lock

Rotary guide bushing146/95 – black/stopArt-No. DF 70-080095
Rotary guide bushing146/95 – brushed/stopArt-No. DF 70-081095
Rotary guide bushing176/125 – schwarz/stopArt-No. DF 70-080125
Rotary guide bushing176/125 – brushed/stopArt-No. DF 70-081125
Rotary guide bushing206/155 – black/stopArt-No. DF 70-080155
Rotary guide bushing206/155 – brushed/stopArt-No. DF 70-081155

More heights
on demand