Stepless adjustable sofa armrest

For the first time, this sofa armrest fitting completely dispenses with the usual and technically often susceptible locking joints and thus prevents complaints very well. The gas spring-guided central unit is particularly robust and allows a high load in any position. The fi tting is characterized in particular by the absolutely stepless variable adjustment and diverse installation options in very thin-walled armrests.

Sofa armrest
Armrest adjustment stepless Art-No. AL 10-000200


  • Can be folded down to 90°
  • Fold down after release
  • No triggering within the default
  • Manual operation


  • Noiseless, stepless adjustment
  • Very low adjustment force
  • Can also be integrated in very slim armrests
  • Stable and resilient even in the lower folding area


  • Central unit gas-spring guided
  • Pivotal joints left and right
  • Very slim installation dimension
  • Powder-coated surface, black / galvanized

Sofa armrest with ratchet positions

This armrest fi tting was designed for use in connection with lifting points. With the height adjustment and a comfort swivel function of the upper armrest segment, the fi tting allows a particularly good adaptation to the desired sitting and relaxing position. By setting up the armrest, it can also be used as a headrest and thus the sofa as a ‘cross-sleeper’.

Sofa armrest
Armrest adjustment 10 locking positions Art-No. AL 10-000051


  • Can be set up vertically
  • 10 locking positions + reset area
  • Height adjustment approx. 140 mm
  • Rotating function of the armrest connection


  • Stable, relatively high load capacity at least 30 kg
  • Low noise and maintenance free

Technical features

  • Galvanized and / or powder coated
  • Visible parts ground stainless steel
  • Center distance 250 mm

Application and concept requirements

  • Also suitable for slim armrests
  • Armrest thickness from 80 mm