Sofa system RS 20 Maxi

Relax system for high quality sofas


  • Back and leg rest can be adjusted separately
  • Folding leg rest under the seat
  • Headrest motorized infinitely adjustable, alternatively manually adjustable with ratchet gears or link chain
  • 2-motor drive for mains or battery operation
  • Release by built-in button, touch sensor or hand switch
  • Zero gravity function

Special features

  • Large seat widths
  • Large back opening
  • Great ground clearance
  • Modular construction
  • Separate upholstery
  • Easy assembly due to split traverse


  • Different seat widths (530/680/830 mm)
  • Variable traverse configuration (1er/2er/3er)
  • Lounger optional


  • All pivot points are wear-resistant, plastic-mounted
  • All inclusive: seat frame, backrests, headrest, cross beam, base
  • Sheet steel, powder coated / primed