Our delivery program offers almost all variants of star and disc bases, each of which can be selected to match the design of the seating furniture. With our experience, we are happy to assist you and your designers in the selection. The bases we supply are subject to endurance tests with regard to their durability and stability.

Star base DG 70

Ø 720mm – black Art-No. DG 70-072015
Ø 780 mm – black Art-No. DG 70-078015
Ø 720mm – polished stainless-steel Art-No. DG 70-072030
Ø 780mm – polished stainless-steel Art-No. DG 70-078030
Ø 720mm – brushed stainless-steel Art-No. DG 70-072035
Ø 780mm – brushed stainless-steel Art-No. DG 70-078035

Alu-Star base DG 75

Ø 700mm – ALU black Art-No. DG 75-070015
Ø 700mm – ALU polished Art-No. DG 75-070030
Ø 700mm – ALU brushed Art-No. DG 75-070035

Star base filigree DG 77

Ø 780mm – silver powder-coated Art-No. DG 77-078010
Ø 780mm – black powder-coated Art-No. DG 77-078015

Flat base with cone holder socket DG 90

Ø 640mm – polished stainless-steel Art-No. DG 90-064035
Ø 720mm – polished stainless-steel Art-No. DG 90-072035